Flood Information


The City of Turner endeavors to provide accurate and timely information regarding Mill Creek conditions, but cannot accurately predict flooding events and shall not be held liable for information provided through its stream gauge, Facebook and R911 systems. Each citizen is responsible for his own safety and any decisions made regarding a response to information provided by the City.

Because Turner has had a long history of flooding and serious damage associated with those events, the City has been heavily engaged in both local and regional efforts to improve both preparation for, and emergency response to, flood events.

These efforts include working with the City of Salem to establish the flood warning system. This system of rain gages and stream gages provides real-time information for emergency managers to help guide response potential flood events. In a more long-term effort, Turner has led a region wide process to look at how to mitigate flooding within the Mill Creek drainage, assisting residents from Stayton to Salem. 

For local residents, often the biggest issue with flooding is insurance and the cost. To provide advice about insurance for properties in the floodplain, the City has an ongoing contract with Gail Moldovan, a licensed flood consultant and Flood Insurance Educator. Citizens are welcome to call her, and she can answer questions and give informed guidance on what are the best options regarding flood insurance for citizens of Turner. There is no obligation to purchase insurance from her. 

Parallel to this flood response work, is the ongoing need to provide regulatory guidance to citizens and businesses in Turner as their activities relate to areas affected by flooding. Construction within a regulatory floodplain, as well as grading and filling land, are regulated activities which must be reviewed by the City and a permit granted for the activity.

2019 Floodplain Map Adoption Information